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UV Index

Designed and developed app that shows you the current UV index at your location and nothing else really.

A simple app showing your locations current UV index. Created with react native and published to google play store.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Development


I wanted to try to develop and publish an app in a app store. I have some previous programming experience but nothing major. After going through some tutorial and sources on swift I started with trying for the iOS app platform. Because I did not have a iPhone the excitement to do something on your own time that I could not use was not there. And the project kinda died.

I started dabbling with the react library on the web. It seemed pretty straight forward for creating simple user interfaces (harder when implementing logic and functionality with it). But I really liked the how to create components of everything and how to create your ui from that point of view.

After doing some small things for the web I started with react native. It´s a library to use javascript and react to create apps for both android and iOS. Even tough you use javascript the final output is not a web app but it uses the native fundamental building blocks for the respective platforms.


The concept and the design of the app was quite straight forward. Under development some things changed as it always does when you try to do it for real. I had some trouble getting everything to work for the android platform and the android IDE was totally new to me. Fortunately google always seems to have the answer. Data for the app is from weather underground because they provided the uv index in their forecast even for "developers"/free plan.

To publish to the app store you should have a website for the app. This was a simple site I did with the tachyon css framework and postcss. You can visit the site.



I learnt a lot by trying to create and publish your own app. Creating assets to easily use in your app. Navigation structure with react native. Data flowing through the components in the app. Some parts of the Android IDE. Creating images for the app icon and other necessary images in the google play store. Animation in react native.


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