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Shopping at Coop

A new Shopping experience at Coop. Exploring a solution to get to a working validation as soon as possible.

This is a reimagining of the shopping experience at Coop stores. A experiment where I tried to have a high tempo and not lose any time through the process. It was purely a design exercise and are not affiliated with Coop. Find out more info about Coop if you want.


When trying to sleep wednesday I thought about how you can scan groceries in the store and provide value to users. To create a better shopping experience.

The next morning (thursday) I created this short clip to illustrate and show a outline of the idea and journey a user could have at a store. Created, edited and shot on a Note 3 with VivaVideo and Sketchbook. It should not be harder than that to show an idea.

After work on friday I went to have little ethnographic research at the Coop store at Stockholm Centralstation. Went into to the store and ate dinner with a friend at the Burger King opposite the Coop store. I needed to have more information before doing something, as you should obviously realize.

If you are a person that does the “As a user…” then fuck u.

After waking up on Saturday I started looking at competitors and researching similar solutions. Tried organizing the findings in a pinterest board.

Now the fun part. The formulation of the research questions. You did not think we were done did ya? I wanted to further get more info about the users. And where would that be? Of course the store, but before that you need questions to answer.

I would recommend Designing Interactive Systems, Just enough research, Helsinki field guide if you want to know more.

But these are some guidelines and how I think is the best way to learn.

  1. 1. Ask good questions
  2. 2. Shut up - be comfortable with silence
  3. 3. Listen
  4. 4. And don´t talk about yourself

These were some of the questions I wanted to use:

  • How often do you shop?
  • How often do you shop?
  • Do you shop frequently at the same place?
  • Do you shop frequently at the same place?
  • Describe how you shopped the last time?
  • How do you plan your grocery shopping?
  • How do you act in the store?
  • How do you decide what you should buy and what?
  • What are the disadvantages of shopping today? What is most challenging?
  • Are there any factors that have made it easier than before?
  • If you could change one thing, what would it be?
  • How do you think it will change in the future?
  • If you could keep something about the act of shopping now to the future? Why?
  • If you could keep something about the act of shopping now to the future? Why?

Tried to go the the stores but I was too late and there was not a lot of people. Admittedly I should have understood that ;). I did the best of the situation and went through both stores.

Went back to Bromma blocks on sunday and Brommaplan to find some people to talk to. And now time for some blurry photos.

I interviewed some people at the store. Used the app voice recorder. For observing people it´s good to have a understanding and some sort of framework. Try to read Analyzing Multimodal Interaction: A Methodological Framework

From the observations and interviews a affinitty diagram exercise was done. And 3 personas were created.

This is a simplified list of some of the findings:

  • Bring with them a lot of things, and has them in the hands, not leaving at the cart
  • Large purchases are differentiated
  • Purchases with card and usually don´t want the receipt
  • Travels there depending on size of purchase and store
  • Finds products in the store
  • Your shopping list is not that defined and is more of a starting point.
  • Group Activity (could be more than one)
  • Management of tools
  • Planning often from dinners and a grocery list plus some extra stuff
  • It is a hassle to plan and to try to be thrifty
  • The future might be more shopping online and grocery bags


If we want to create a better experience for users at Coop stores we should focus on users trying to shop for a smaller amount of items. It should make it much quicker to use and speed is important when you just want to buy a few things. More people are accepting buying and ordering groceries online and the large purchases are made there.

Users in the store have a lot of things to handle with the grocery list. And a solution that involves another thing to use in your hands need to incorporate and swallow its purpose. A grocery list is not equal to a receipt. A grocery list is more of a starting point. You write Chips on your list not Estrella Grillchips 300g.

People uses the shopping express tool in the store when they shop. More often with large purchases but sometimes with smaller. And when people now will (?) buy the large quantities at home the purpose and use case of the shopping express might shift.


Now we know what our purpose and what we want to achieve. Now some creative hipster-isch photo. For reading on sketching look at Sketching user experiences and Understanding Comics are good reads.

Now we want something to test. PROTOTYPE ALL THE THINGS! or just the most important screens. With sketch and marvel app.

Grocery List

Easy to create and add items. Should not be limiting to real groceries. As easy as adding things in your usual note app.


Scan your groceries to add them to the cart. If you use a grocery list it should try to be as smart and possible to show and adjust the list accordingly. And show what happened when you scanned. The same for the cart. To change the behaviour of people you can not just emulate what they already have. It should be much better than the current solution and be able to show its benefits clearly.


The shopping cart are made to serve the purpose to show the groceries, easily remove if you want and be able to checkout/pay.

Visiting Ikea and doing some user tests on the marvel protoype with The users tests did not record and that is what you get when you use a beta app. ya dun goofed. But I at least got to watch users press on the prototype. Prototype down below


What we learned

After a quick explanation of the apps usage I asked the participants to press through the app as it was their first time and wanted to go shopping. The result were that users clicked through it. Because of the limited functionality (no scanning or input) some facets were quickly explained.

Some icons, flow and navigation should be further iterated upon. But the main takeaway was that even though people wants to be nice, you could glean that it would be hard to change users behaviour with what this app was offering.

Even though it gave some improvements to the current status it might not be enough to change it. And this is still a really huge problem to provide a good experience.

And actually if I were the almighty Coop I would quickly pivot (product speech level 1337) to look for the given opportunity with online sales of groceries. If I were coop or somebody I would maybe not focus that much on the in store experience but to offer users ways to buy things out of store.

If we are gonna accept the premise that people are gonna buy more groceries online and their large purchases. We can also see that more people are buying stuff with their smartphone.

I would want to do was to create a truly mobile interface to facilitate the buying of your large quantity of groceries. A market of users and usage that could be waiting for a store to create something for them in the future.

Part 2

TBC: Sometime in the future in a galaxy far far away.


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