I’m a designer really loving solving hard problems. I want to create products that help make life easier and people better.

Identifies, investigates and validates problems. Create, test, design and ships the solution.

What we do. This is the closest you can be to the thing you are creating and still effect at scale, for good and bad. Which is terrifying and fun at the same time. And the work you do should be treated with that kind of respect that it deserves. We actually effect peoples lives. And it is not hard to find out how because it is often observable.

With other words. What you do can effect a lot of people. You are not a “world leader” that is so high up that they can´t see the effect of their decisions. I am not kidding myself. There are of course a lot of people and work done that are more impactful and important. But I believe that they have a harder time seeing the impact.

We get to do stuff, often out of nothing. At scale. Influence lives. And see the impact it might have. It´s a beautiful thing. That I should not take for granted.

Where I'm now

  • Aditro

    UX Designer

    2017 - Future

    At Aditro, we understand our customers’ need to improve efficiency and to respond quickly to changing business environment. Aditro strive so that you can get more strategic advantage from Human Resource, Payroll and Financial Resource Management. Aditro are uniquely positioned to support these needs.

Where I have been

  • Lovable Rogues

    UX Designer

    2016 - 2017

    Lovable Rogues is an independent tech, UX and application powerhouse. We also know a thing or two about design and branding.
  • Nordnet

    UX Designer

    2013 - 2013 (Internship)

    Nordnet’s business idea is to offer private individuals and companies services that make it possible to take control over their financial future. We target conscientious savers in the Nordic countries.

    We divide our operations into three business areas: Savings and investments, Pension and Bank.
  • Telegram Studios

    UX Designer

    2013 - 2016

    Telegram combines three offerings into one: music, books and apps. We can see how these things are connected and how they derive from each other, and drive each other. Telegram’s purpose for combining the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful in all three disciplines is to be able to offer talents and brands one crucial thing: fame. We promise to help you get the attention you deserve. Now.
  • Stockholms Universitet

    Interaction Design - Bachelor Degree

    2010 - 2013

    The program provides basic knowledge of information and interaction . You learn to deal with and reflect on the entire design process , that is, from concept development to functional prototypes , and implementing interactive services and IT products.

If you want to contact me, hit me up in any of these channels and I promise to respond.

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