10x vs 1x

I often try to find myself asking the question if the thing i´m doing is trying to have the effect of 10 times or 1 time. And have some kind of system for knowing if the problem I´m trying to solve will give the 10x effect.

Because sometime I find myself spending more time then needed on the 1x problems. Those that are fun to tinker with and try because you get immediate satisfaction. You change some spacing, maybe tinker with different shades of a color or create a pixel perfect icon for some hour. They are fun and they do provide value. A great designed looking and feeling product makes it more valuable and more desirable.

But its often the harder problems and where you don´t get the immediate reward that is the 10x problems. Where if you solve it you will create 10x more users, or 10x more income or something else in quantity. Solutions that start with great questions and the right persons to answer them. The tools most often used are notes and sometimes a notebook and is all you need at the beginning.

Right now those are the problems I want to solve most often in my life.

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