A skill I really try to bring myself to develop is finishing. I believe it is a skill you need to hone and something you really can exercise to be better at. The art of finishing is something i really value with myself and in others. You can have as many ideas as you can but if you don´t finish any of them they are worth nothing.

When I have an idea or something I want to do I always want to carry it as long as I can. And to bring over the finish line. To define what the intended final result should be is important to do in the beginning. It could change when the project starts but if you don´t have a intended final result when you start it is not really meant to be finished. Or at least it will be much harder to finish.

In that spirit I have just finished two projects.

The first one is an app that is showing the current uv index at your location. The goal was to create a simple app and have it published this year. You can visit the app published in the google play store.

The second project is a set of icons you can download at github. I have felt that creating icons was not really a skill that I was really proficient in. But with this project I feel my skill with that aspect really has grown.

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