Removing dependencies

Removing Dependencies - Code

I have now refactored and removed all dependencies to bourbon and neat for my personal website. This took some to accomplish and this got me really thinking what an investment these kind of decisions are. As a designer I really don´t contemplate this often but when you are in this situation it´s really hard to change a framework that you have started using.

And you need to ask yourself if you want to change what already exists or start from scratch.

When you design something in sketch or photoshop it’s really created for the moment. When you do something in code I feel like you need to have a longer perspective. And this really underscores what is important, not the mockup but the code and the product.

Now with more design systems and design software tackling those kind of problems a design might have a longer time perspective but is still not the same investment as a framework in code for a website. And now I’m really just talking about a css framework.

Then when you compare it with decisions such as angular vs react, node vs etc. then you really have some major decisions to undertake. And I’m not envious for those people that need to make those decisions.

Removing Dependencies - Life

I also think about this in other aspects of your life. To remove most things you are dependent on so that you are flexible enough to take on most challenges. I think one reason why you fail is that you have trouble changing your ways. And it is not because you don´t see what you need to do. But that you are to tied down to a tool or a solution that worked in the past but can´t solve the current one.

Removing Dependencies - Product design for people

I think most people have this kind of perspective also. To not have or use something that is superfluous. When something does not match their purpose or fill their need it gets discarded. The cost of switching from a digital product to the next is almost zero. And it is good to remember that and keep the eyes on the ball. That you can make something fun, pleasurable and a delight to look at. Especially for your designer colleagues. But if it not meets your users needs or if they evolve your product is a dependency that will get removed. Because we all strive to have a small set of dependencies as we can.

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