Being on the right side of history

Often I and some people have quite big knee-jerk reactions to stuff. I try to remind myself of what I´m really are reacting too and what it means. And be aware and try to prevent those reactions to influence your mindset to it. One good example right now is the introduction of the no headphone jack with the new iPhone. I really don´t know if it is a good thing or not. But it seems like some people have already forgotten the brief history that exists with introducing new features and removing old ones.

This is also a thing to consider when working and trying to create something. To not overreact when things happen and consider the implications and try it before judging.

And the previous examples listed above else serves as a reminder that sometimes reduction really is for the better. Even tough it is not a thing that users might say it is something that most doesn’t need.

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iPad Flash

CD Drive

Floppy Drive

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