Interesting Read: Tools for Mobile UX Design: Task Flows

Recently, a client asked me to do a heuristic evaluation. They had hired another vendor to design an iOS app for one of their divisions, and it was my job to see how well they had done. And I almost failed. It was way, way too hard to evaluate the design, because it was all pages. There was no overall view of the system, no task flow, and only occasionally had they even really defined an interaction.

This is, sadly, typical of our industry today—and one way or another—this is something that I encounter regularly. While mobile UX designers may like to pretend that no design before the iPhone matters, we stick to many of the principles of 1970s graphic design in practice. Just look up almost any UX design pattern library, and you’ll find nothing but screenshots.

from UX Matters

Favourite part:

On projects that go too fast, products are rarely designed at all. Oh, sure, they may have pretty interface designs, but the software architecture suffers. Decisions get made based on whatever technology is available that team members happen to be comfortable with. Overly speedy projects get bogged down in technical debt very, very fast.


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